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About Sevadar

Our Mission

Guided by the spirit of Seva (selfless service), deeply rooted in Sikh values, our organization is committed to nurturing community development and empowerment. We aim to illuminate the rich tapestry of Sikh/Punjabi culture to the broader world through collaborative events and volunteer initiatives that highlight art, culture, history and service. We aim to create a space for community members to gather, share experiences, and forge meaningful connections. By nurturing this sense of belonging, we are building a united community that thrives on mutual support and shared growth.

Our Story

Sevadar founded by Gursharn Kaur in 2016 in Kent, Washington as a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing positive change in communities locally and worldwide.

Originally, Sevadar was known as the Sikh Youth Association (SYA). At the time, SYA focused on providing volunteer opportunities and organizing events to unite the community regardless of anyone’s religion, race, or gender. We partnered with nonprofit groups in Punjab, such as SAF International and this has allowed us to impact the lives of young children, allowing them to gain access to an education guaranteed by our funding and awareness. Locally, we partner with various non-profit organizations to raise awareness about Sikh/Punjabi culture, provider volunteer opportunities, create a space for people to gather and learn from each other and especially allow people to give back to their community.